Qiyam - time to stand

Intro - Prayer times calculator (beta)

Qiyam is a project by eSustain. It's a simple prayer times calculator for Muslims that works over the phone. Users call one of the phone numbers to our system, enter their zip code, and in return the system gives back the prayer times for that area and that day. This is especially handy when you are travelling outside of your hometown and would like to know exactly when to pray or when to break your fast. Currently, this service is only available in the United States. We just launched this service in beta (test) phase.

Qiyam moves to a new platform - *new

Qiyam is currently in the process of moving to a new platform. The new platform does not only provide a more efficient infrastructure, it also adds more features and option for additional features in the future. One new feature that the new platform adds is the choice of either speaking OR typing the zipcode. The new system can be tested at 737-777-2010 and 888-870-8690 (toll-free).

However, unfortunately, rolling the new system out will also mean a change in our phone numbers. We will provide enough time for all our users to save and get used to the new numbers before decommissioning the older numbers. We are looking to complete the transition by May 20th 2016 in sha Allah.

Free Registration for toll-free number

Users of qiyam need to register their phone number and email in order to use our toll-free number. Starting June 1st, 2013, users will not be able to use our system using the toll-free number unless the number they are calling from is registered with us. Users who are not registered may still use our toll numbers as usual. Please click on the following link to register:

Canadian cities added

Qiyam has extended its services to the following Canadian cities. To get prayer times to these cities, please enter the 5 digits below when the system asks for a zip code. Local airports have been used as exact locations to calculate prayer times for each city.

  • Toronto, ON (10000)
  • London, ON (20000)
  • Waterloo, ON (30000)
  • Hamilton, ON (40000)
  • Windsor, ON (50000)
  • Ottawa, ON (60000)
  • Montreal, QC (70000)

More cities can be added on request.


Please give our system a try and give us any feedback that may be helpful in improvements. You may contact us at support@esustain.net.


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What does Qiyam mean?

Qiyam is an Arabic word that means "to stand". Since Muslims spend the largest portion of their prayer standing, a prayer can also be referred to as qiyam. This is especially true for voluntary prayers during the night when standing part can be significantly longer than the rest of the prayers. To know more about the word qiyam, please search for the word online.

We chose Qiyam as the name of our project since its main objective is to let customers know when to "stand" in prayers.